Congress CP cites

Progressive constitutionalism
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Congress has more credibility
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"I'm not at all sure I agree with you, Jack, that knowledge"

Backlash, stripping
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Congressional action has the same constitutional effect
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Moreover, model two has important implications

Congress causes social change
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The fact that the Act emanated from Congress

Equal protection bad

Privacy is good for abortion. Equal protection is bad
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"Privacy and autonomy arguments approach the right to abortion from a gender-neutral"

Privacy good for dignity
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Privacy good
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Equal protection bad - forces normalization and essentialism
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"This begs the question of whether some of the problems inherent"

SQ solves

SQ solves agency/dignity
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"The Supreme Court's revival of substantive due process in the guise"

Can't solve

Abortion doesn't spillover to other gender issues
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Court orders for funding won't be followed
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"governments have several different techniques at their disposal"

Backlash turn

Abortion focus hurts broad social change
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Positive rights for abortion kills the Democrats
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"as saletan so brilliantly established"

Access bad, eugenics, etc.

Access constrains agency, devalues the poor, eugenics, etc.
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Law K

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States CP

states best place to challenge abortion restrictions
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"On the other hand, one can argue that treating young men"

States legislatures should do the plan
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"The Court in Casey allowed society to force its concern for more thoughtful"