June 24 - July 15, 2009

Library Policy

The following provisions detail the agreement between Dartmouth College Libraries and the Dartmouth Debate Workshop. Negotiations are final. No exception to this policy will be considered, and the penalty for a violation is likewise non-negotiable. No Workshop policy violation will be considered more serious than a breach of the following; therefore, please read this document several times, and if there is any item about which you are uncertain, ask for clarification prior to using library facilities.

1. Your identification card must always be worn whenever you are in a College library. This is necessary to borrow books and to obtain other services. This card also will provide positive identification of Workshop participants to the librarians. A library circulation bar code has been placed on your name tag. When checking out, books remove your name tag and hand it to the librarian. The Workshop library staff will wear name cards to help you easily identify them. If you lose your name tag, go to the Workshop’s library in the residence halls in Brown 102C.

2. Only books and circulating government documents may be borrowed from the libraries. Newspapers, periodicals, and reference materials may be used in the libraries, but they may not be checked out.

3. When checking out a book or document, be sure to tell the librarian that you are with the Debate Workshop. You may not borrow more than two (2) items at a time. Return items as soon as you are done with them. Do not give books or docs which you have checked out to other Workshop participants; you are responsible for these items (and you will lose your damage deposit if they are not returned.)

4. Borrowing privileges will end on Sunday, August 3rd, and all items must be returned by that date. Access and use of the libraries will continue until August 10th. Failure to return books or docs in a timely manner will result in forfeiture of your entire damage deposit.

5. Others will be using the libraries, and you, like any student-scholar, must behave in an appropriate manner and be polite at all times. You are a guest in the libraries. "Please" and "thank you" cannot be said often enough. Think of these facilities as the College's most important property, and insist that your colleagues do the same. Clean up the area in which you worked, even if you did not make the mess. Food and drinks are not permitted inside library facilities, except for the Novack Café area.

6. The following rules will govern photocopying: (A) All photocopying must end with the scheduled end of library time: either 4:30 or 9:30; (B) Extra care should be taken with the photocopying. Do not press the spine of a bound volume against the glass of a photocopy machine in such a way as to break the binding or loosen pages; that is, take care as you photocopy to treat materials gently; (C) Observe time limits for the use of machines; if someone else is waiting to use the machine, limit yourself to ten minutes; (D) The cost for most photocopies is ten cents per page if coins are used. Copy cards cost about eight cents per copy. cards can be obtained in the library and additional amounts can be purchased in machines located in the College libraries; (E) Should a machine malfunction in any way, stop use at once and report the malfunction to Workshop
library personnel. If the machine needs paper or toner, ask a member of the Workshop staff for help.

7. The following rules will be observed in reshelving: ( A) DO NOT RESHELVE materials in the stacks; leave them on reshelving carts, not on the floor or out of place on the shelves; (B) DO NOT RESHELVE government
documents; leave them on the designated carrels; (C) DO NOT RESHELVE current periodicals; leave them on

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the reshelving trucks; (D) DO NOT REFILE MICROTEXT; all microtext should be returned to the desk
regardless of how obtained; be sure to place a "microfiche in use" card in the file when you pull microfiche for use; (E) DO RESHELVE Reference materials. The Workshop staff will gather unshelved books and arrange them by call number on a shelf near the elevator on Berry level 4; stack 190. The same will be done with government documents in the Baker stacks on Baker level 1. If the catalog shows an item as available, but it is not on the regular shelves, check these reshelving areas.

8. Limit your time in the use of computers If someone else is waiting to use the machine, do not stay on for more than fifteen minutes. Do not print more than necessary.

9. Library hours: Library time is not mandatory; scheduled time is when Workshop staff will be in the libraries. Workshop students are usually permitted in the College's libraries from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and from 1:30 to 4:30 on Friday and Saturday. Check your schedules for exceptions. Workshop students must leave all libraries at the scheduled times. All libraries will be closed on July 4.

10. Workshop students are not to enter the Jones Media Center unaccompanied. If you need to use the Center, ask a Workshop staff member in the reference area to go with you.

11. The Workshop Collection is located in Brown 102D. Available to you will be lists of the items in this collection, and a list will be posted on the wall outside of the room housing the collection. The Collection will be open whenever library time is designated on your schedules. Students may check out items, but they must return these items at the beginning of library time the following day. Use of a Workshop copy machine is also available during library hours; copies are five cents each. Do not ask to use these copiers when the library is not open. Should you abuse or otherwise disrupt the use of this collection, you are under no less penalty than such infractions would incur in the College Libraries.

12. Students are not to place a recall on items in circulation, request items from storage, or check out items from Reserve. Ask Ken Strange to do these things for you (e-mailing him is the easiest way to do this); the items will be placed in the Workshop Library. If you are having trouble finding an item, look around on the tables near where it should be and look on the reshelving trucks. Check the shelf near the elevator on Berry 4 across from stack 190). Some items may remain next to the photocopy machines in the stacks. If still unable to locate the item, ask a member of the Workshop staff to help you. As a last resort, e-mail Ken Strange and a stack search will be requested.

13. If there are items you want which are not owned by the Dartmouth libraries, we will try to get them for you. The easiest way to do this is to e-mail a full citation to Ken Strange. When the item is obtained, it will be placed on reserve in the Workshop Library. Students of the Workshop are not to deal directly with Borrow Direct or Interlibrary Loan in the College libraries. Complete bibliographic citations are required: author, title, publisher, date, reference work used to discover cite; or author, article title, publication title, volume, date, first and last pages, reference work used to discover cite. If you do not know how to find the entire cite when you only have partial cites, we will teach you how.

14. If there are items held in Dartmouth's Health Sciences Library (as opposed to the bio science library, Dana), we will get these items and place them in the Workshop Library. Follow the same procedure as in #13 for Inter-library loan, except make it clear that the item is at the Health Sciences Library and provide the call number.

15. Any Workshop participant taking library materials without permission, hiding library materials, or damaging library materials, WILL BE DISMISSED FROM THE WORKSHOP.